Products & Solutions

Cloud Solutions for Small Business

Main Modules: Features Highlight:
  • Multiple Stores
  • Serial and Non-serial Inventory
  • Integrated Payment Processing
  • Dashboard
  • Reporting
  • Multiple Registers
  • Mobile, Tablets, PC & Mac
  • iOS, Android, Windows and ChromOS
  • Purchase Orders
  • Inventory Transfers
  • Promotions Management
  • Bank Deposits
  • Safe Management
  • Store, Onsite, Events
  • Sales Receipts
Add On:
  • Quick-books Integration
  • Online Store
  • Help Desk Portal
Main Modules:
  • Ticketing System
  • Knowledge Base
  • Project Tasks
  • Scheduling
  • Agent Monitoring
  • System Monitoring
Feature Highlight:
  • Customer Registration
  • Agent Access Management
  • Multiple User Roles
  • Internal & Public Knowledge-base
  • KB Approval Process
  • Ticketing System with KB Integration
  • Auto Email to Ticket Conversion
  • Task Management
  • Task Scheduling
  • Online Agents
  • Team Integration
  • Customer Dashboard
  • Agent Dashboard
  • Agent Performance Tracking
  • Compatible with PC, Tablet & Mobile
Add On:
  • Online Store
  • Point of Sale
    Main Modules:
  • Web Portal
  • CRM
  • Shopping Cart
  • Subscriptions
  • Catalog Management
  • Promotions Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Management
  • Administration
Feature Highlight:
  • Custom Online Store
  • Digital and Physical Goods
  • Customer Registration
  • Manage Subscriptions
  • Multiple Promotions per Item
  • Catalog Sync with POS
  • Inventory Sync with POS
  • Orders Sync with POS
  • Supplier Management
  • Access Management
  • Invoicing
  • Manage Affiliates
  • Your own sub-domain
Add On:
  • Help Desk Portal
  • Point of Sale
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Revolutionizing Retail with MT-POS

In today’s fiercely competitive retail landscape, staying ahead of the game is essential. MicroTelecom, a leading technology solutions provider, is at the forefront of this revolution with its cutting-edge Point of Sale (POS) systems.

Innovative POS Hardware

MicroTelecom’s POS hardware is designed to lead in technology, offering sleek, user-friendly terminals and devices with high-definition touchscreens, built-in barcode scanners, and various connectivity options.

Enhanced Customer Experiences

MicroTelecom understands the significance of seamless customer experiences. Their POS systems facilitate quick and secure transactions, reduce checkout times, and support loyalty programs, gift cards, and mobile payments.

Inventory Management

Efficient inventory management is crucial for retail success. MicroTelecom’s POS systems provide real-time inventory tracking and automated reorder alerts, helping retailers maintain optimal stock levels and save both time and money.

Analytics and Reporting

MicroTelecom’s systems offer robust analytics and reporting features, providing detailed insights into sales, customer behavior, and inventory trends. This data-driven approach enables informed decision-making for improved profitability.

Scalability and Customization

MicroTelecom’s POS solutions are highly scalable and customizable, catering to the specific needs of each retailer, whether managing a single boutique or a chain of stores. These systems provide a future-proof solution.

Security and Compliance

Data security is a top priority for MicroTelecom. Their POS systems adhere to the latest security standards and compliance requirements, ensuring the protection of customer data and payment information.

Specialized Solutions for Multiple Industries

For small businesses, MicroTelecom's POS System provides access to features that were once reserved for larger enterprises. It offers real-time sales tracking, customer engagement tools, and easy integration with other systems. MicroTelecom's Retail POS Systems cater to the changing expectations of consumers. From inventory management to mobile POS and self-checkout kiosks, these systems offer solutions for various retail formats.

Embracing the Future of Retail

As consumer expectations continually evolve, staying competitive requires leveraging the power of technology. From Salon POS Systems to Enterprise POS, MicroTelecom provides transformative solutions that empower businesses, large and small, to thrive in the ever-changing landscape of commerce.

By partnering with MicroTelecom, retailers can confidently embrace the future of retail technology.