Advanced Catalog Management System

Catalog Management

MT-POS has a built-in Intuitive Catalog Manager, enabling management of Physical and Digital Goods and Services, Categories, Promotions, Features, Taxes, Serialized and Non-Serialized products. Setup and manage featured items list and offer promotions based on multiple parameters.

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  • Manage Physical Goods
  • Manage Digital Goods
  • Serial & Non-Serial Products
  • Service Plans
  • Catalog Publishing to a single or multiple stores
  • Product Features
  • Custom Labels
  • Custom Attributes Configuration
  • Advanced Promotions Setup
  • Best Selling Products
  • Featured Products List
  • Related Items definition
  • Custom Taxes by Category
  • Discount approval by Category

Inventory Management System

MT-POS System will assist you to manage your Store Inventory effectively and alert you when you need to take action.

  • Replenishment using min/max reordering levels to avoid out of stock items
  • serialized Inventory Management
  • Manage Inventory Transfers between stores and warehouses
  • Handle customer reservation, returns and exchange
  • Support Serialized Inventory, physical and digital goods and services
  • Manage Stock with inventory cycle count and auditing using Mobile Devices
  • Allocate expensive Inventory Items to individual salespeople
  • Import Purchase Orders

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