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Customer Service Ticketing System for Small Business

The Ultimate Customer Service Ticket System

In the realm of modern business, exceptional customer support plays a pivotal role in fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty. To meet this crucial demand, businesses require a cloud-based Help Desk ticketing system that goes above and beyond the standard offerings. MicroTelecom's Help Desk software emerges as the ultimate solution, providing businesses with the tools they need to deliver top-notch support. From automating ticket creation to monitoring agent performance and ensuring accurate solutions, the MicroTelecom Help Desk Portal sets a new standard for excellence in customer service.

Automated Ticket Creation for Streamlined Support

A great Help Desk portal needs to simplify the support process. MicroTelecom's Help Desk Portal excels in this aspect by automatically monitoring the business support email box and converting emails into tickets or updating existing ones. This seamless automation ensures that customer queries are promptly captured and assigned to the appropriate agents for swift resolution.

Live Chat Assistance for Instant Engagement

In the fast-paced digital age, customers expect real-time assistance. With MicroTelecom's Help Desk Portal, businesses can provide live chat assistance through their support channels. Customers can engage with agents directly, receiving instant answers to their queries and experiencing a more personalized support experience.

Real-time Agent Monitoring for Efficient Service

A key factor in delivering efficient customer support is monitoring agent availability. MicroTelecom's Help Desk Portal allows businesses to keep track of the number of agents currently online. This feature ensures that support requests are distributed evenly among available agents, minimizing customer waiting times and optimizing resource utilization.

Knowledge Base-Driven Ticket Responses for Accuracy

To ensure accurate and consistent support, MicroTelecom's Help Desk Portal leverages a comprehensive knowledge base. Level 1 agents can confidently respond to tickets using knowledge base articles. In cases where a solution is not available, agents are prompted to submit the ticket for approval, preventing the dissemination of incorrect information.

Agent Monitoring and Performance Review via Help Desk Dashboard

A great Help Desk portal empowers managers to monitor and evaluate agent performance. MicroTelecom's Help Desk Portal features an intuitive Help Desk Dashboard, providing valuable insights into agent response times, ticket resolutions, and customer satisfaction levels. This data-driven approach allows managers to identify areas for improvement and recognize top-performing agents.

We Built the Help Desk since we needed it

MicroTelecom's Help Desk Portal redefines the landscape of customer support by offering a feature-rich, cloud-based solution that meets the unique needs of small business that require an easy to use professional grade ticketing system. From automating ticket creation and monitoring agents, to providing live chat assistance and leveraging an integrated knowledge base, this portal empowers businesses to deliver exceptional support and engagement.

We have built this system after working with several 3rd party help desk systems for over 15 years, but found them to be too expensive and complex to use, or they were missing crucial functionalities and didn't work properly on Mobile and Tablets.

So we now offer you the Help Desk system we built and use ourselves, for unbeatable price. Embrace MicroTelecom's Help Desk Portal to elevate your support capabilities, optimize agent performance, and foster lasting customer relationships. With MicroTelecom, your Help Desk becomes a driving force behind your business success.

Main Modules:
  • Ticketing System
  • Knowledge Base (KB)
  • Project Tasks
  • Scheduling
  • Agent Monitoring
  • System Monitoring
Feature Highlight:
  • Customer Registration
  • Agent Access Management
  • Multiple User Roles
  • Internal & Public KB
  • KB Approval Process
  • Tickets with KB Integration
  • Auto Email to Ticket Conversion
  • Task Management
  • Task Scheduling
  • Online Agents
  • Team Integration
  • Customer Dashboard
  • Agent Dashboard
  • Agent Performance Tracking
  • Compatible with PC, Tablet & Mobile
Add On:
  • Online Store
  • Point of Sale
    Main Modules:
  • All the Features of the Help Desk
  • Web Portal
  • Shopping Cart
  • Subscriptions
  • Catalog Management
  • Promotions Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Management
  • Administration
Feature Highlight:
  • Custom Online Store
  • Digital and Physical Goods
  • Customer Registration
  • Manage Subscriptions
  • Multiple Promotions per Item
  • Catalog Sync with POS
  • Inventory Sync with POS
  • Orders Sync with POS
  • Supplier Management
  • Access Management
  • Invoicing
  • Manage Affiliates
  • Your own sub-domain
Add On:
  • Point of Sale

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