MicroTelecom Help Desk Portal (20 Agents)

HelpDesk-20 - MicroTelecom Help Desk Portal (20 Agents)
$100 00 /Month

At MicroTelecom, we understand the importance of exceptional customer support.
Our Help Desk Portal goes beyond conventional offerings, automating ticket creation, monitoring agents availability, and providing live chat assistance for real-time engagement.

  • To ensures accurate ticket responses and preventing incorrect solutions, the Help Desk Includes a knowledge base System, and require the support team to select the appropriate KB when responding to tickets. If such KB is not found, the associate must create a KB and submit it for approval before the ticket can use such KB.
  • The Ticketing system supports converting emails to tickets, you can configure your email mailbox to monitor and specify the conversion rules.
  • The Help Desk supports Multiple Departments, Projects, User Roles, Ticket Types, Issue Types, Resolution Types, Priorities and more.
  • The Help Desk assist in tracking Support Staff performance, activities, time tracking and tickets assignment.
  • Customers have to signup for the portal to Track and Submit tickets, or they can create and respond to tickets via email.
  • You will Get your own subdomain on the portal (mycompany.mtstore.net).
About this item

The Ultimate Help Desk Portal

In the realm of modern business, exceptional customer support plays a pivotal role in fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty. To meet this crucial demand, businesses require a cloud-based Help Desk portal that goes above and beyond the standard offerings. MicroTelecom's Help Desk Portal emerges as the ultimate solution, providing businesses with the tools they need to deliver top-notch support.

This Subscription includes up to 20 Agents on the Help Desk platform.

The subscription is Monthly recurring fee, there is a 14 day trial period.
There are no setup fees or cancellation Fee.

If later on you will increase the number of agents you will be able to update the plan accordingly.

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