New Mobile Apps:

Manager App: Enable a store Managers to remotely approve cashier requests for price overrides, returns and other exceptions.

Store Assistant: Enable participating stores customers to purchase products and checkout via their mobile phone. 


MT-RMS 7.03:

  • Payment Center now support applying a supplier invoice on partial shipments or on the entire PO, before or after it is received
  • The Journal Entry screen has been updated to support templates
  • a New Process has been enabled to Lock and unlock specific tax periods


Inventory Control Module 7.0:

  • The reservation engine has been enhanced to support configuration loading from excel and back-end automated interface
  • The reservation engine has been updated to allow pre-orders and back-orders configuration per store/warehouse.
  • Product catalog has been updated to support multiple default cost price per SKU (one per supplier).
  • The replenishment module has been updated to support warehouse integration for stock transfer requests, and convert them to PO once approved by the ERP system.


MT-POS 7.03:

  • The Report manager has been enhanced to include a new report find tool.
  • the System has been integrated with the Manager App to allow manager remote override approvals.