Point of Sale Software

Integrated Payment System

MicroTelecom Point of Sale Software provides a complete payment solution and is integrated with card payment terminals to provide fast checkout at a very competitive rate.

  • Accept credit, debit via secured EMV or swipe transaction
  • Accept contactless mobile payments such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Process payments for in-store transaction or while on the road
  • PCI compliant POS system with end-to-end data encryption
  • Fast processing and competitive fixed rate starting at 2.7% + $0.10.

Mobile POS Software for iPad and android Tablets

MT-POS Cloud Software provides a fast checkout experience on Traditional POS, or via Tablets and Mobile Phone, keeping Employees and Management happy.

  • Your team can use iPad, Android Tablet or PC, in Store or on the go.
  • Accept all payment types, including credit/debit cards, mobile and contact-less payments.
  • Offer additional services based on product configurations (Warranty, Contracts, etc.)
  • Offer Bundles and Promotions based on product selection and related products.
  • Perform all activities remotely, including access reports, manage Catalog, and reorder inventory

Inventory Management Software

MT-POS System will assist you to manage your Store Inventory effectively and alert you when you need to take action.

  • Replenishment using min/max reordering levels to avoid out of stock items
  • Manage Inventory Transfers between stores and warehouses
  • Handle customer reservation, returns and exchange
  • Support Serialized Inventory, physical and digital goods and services
  • Manage Stock with inventory cycle count and auditing

Cash Register Management

    Manage Cash Registers, Safe, Bank Deposit and Change Orders.
  • Manage Register Open, Lock, Close, Count, Pickup, Deposit and Adjustments.
  • Accept cash in any currency you choose
  • Offer customer Store Credit, Rebates and Gift Cards
  • Enable many other payment methods, such as Wire, PayPal, Stripe, Checks and more.
  • Control which registers can process each payment method
  • Control what Refund Method can be used for each original payment method

Self-Checkout Software for PC and Tablets

With MT-POS Cloud Software, you can easily setup a Self-checkout Station.

  • Empower customers to complete their transactions independently.
  • User-friendly interface, shoppers can scan items, apply discounts, and make secure payments.
  • Reduces waiting times and queues, ensuring a swift checkout process, even during peak hours.
  • Enhanced Efficiency and Reduced Business Costs
  • Provide shopping experience that aligns with modern consumer expectations.
"The transition to MT-POS Software was very smooth, we were able to import our catalog and were up and running in a very short time"
Jamal N. Store Owner, New York
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