Commission doesn't have to be complicated, let MicroTelecom automate and streamline the process, so you and your team have more time to enjoy life!

MicroTelecom commission module streamlines the commission process and support any commission structures and spiff tiers, allowing batch processing for multiple customers, agents, carriers and markets while enabling special adjustments and promotions.

Data Import and Export
MicroTelecom support Importing Data from Excel and Text files, and every report can be exported to Excel, PDF, HTML or CSV (Text) , or can be emailed automatically as a PDF attachement.

Commission Forecasting and Reconciliation:
  • Import Commission Records from Excel
  • Import Commission Records via automated interface
  • Auto-reconcile commission with activation records
  • Provide Discrepancy Reports
  • Estimated and Trending Commission Reports
  • Set Commission Goals
  • Discrepancies research tools
  • Manual Commission adjustments tool
  • Auto create  credit memos in the financial module
  • Detail store activation and commission history
  • Configurable reconciliation algorithm per commission type (Activation, Residual, chargeback)
  • Enable to reverse incorrect posting
Remittance Reconciliation:
  • Import Remittance Records from Excel
  • Import Remittance Records via automated interface
  • Auto-reconcile remittance with sales records
  • Provide Discrepancy Reports
  • Provide pending remittance Reports
  • Auto post credit to financial module
  • Enable to reverse incorrect posting