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At MicroTelecom, we are committed to your success by providing cutting-edge cloud solutions for retail operators and service providers. Our feature-rich and affordable Point of Sale Systems provides Multi-Store Serial Inventory Management, Mobile Apps for all Operating Systems, Self Checkout, Register and Safe Management, Enterprise Device and User Access Control and much more.

MT-POS Cash Management

Cash Management and Accounting

    Manage Cash Registers, Safe, Bank Deposit and Change Orders.
  • Manage Register Open, Lock, Close, Count, Pickup, Deposit and Adjustments.
  • Integrated with QuickBooks and SAP for Accounting
  • Support Shared and Non-Shared Registers
  • Accept cash in any currency you choose
  • Offer customer Store Credit, Rebates and Gift Cards
  • Enable many other payment methods, such as Wire, PayPal, Stripe, Checks and more.
  • Control which registers can process each payment method
  • Control what Refund Method can be used for each original payment method
  • Register Alerts when Register reached a configurable threshold
  • Safe Management: Safe Open/Close/Count
  • Bank Deposit Flow
  • Registers Dashboard
  • Activity Logs and Reporting

Mobile POS Apps - MPOS

With MT-POS Cloud Software, you can connect from anywhere using any device you approved.

  • You can check Inventory levels and reorder inventory while away from the store or warehouse
  • With Enterprise security, there are multiple security layers protecting your system to allow access only for personnel and devices you approved.
  • Perform all activities remotely, such as access reports, update the catalog, and approve Inventory transfers
  • Stay connected with all your stores, by receiving alerts when you need to take actions such as reordering inventory, you don't have to constantly connect to the stores and check its reports. If something is out of the ordinary the system will let you know.

Integrated Card Payment Terminals

MT-POS Software provides a complete payment solution and is integrated with card payment terminals to provide fast checkout at a very competitive rate.

  • Accept credit, debit via secured EMV or swipe transaction
  • Accept contactless mobile payments such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Process payments for in-store transaction or while on the road
  • PCI compliant POS system with end-to-end data encryption
  • Fast processing and competitive fixed rate starting at 2.7% + $0.10.

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